At Onestopdp, we believe in making positive change by carefully sourcing the material we print on, continually integrating environmentally-conscious practices, and supporting our employees and local community.

Onestopdp is carbon neutral and committed to environmental protection and stewardship.

Onestopdp has been carbon neutral since January 2020. In order to help us reach this necessary milestone and reduce our business’ eco impact, we’ve partnered with an environmental solutions provider to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and Carbon Offsets (COs).

We offset emissions made directly by our facilities and vehicles (Scope 1), as well as emissions generated by the electricity purchased from our energy partners (Scope 2). We’re even mapping out how to offset emissions made by our supply and distribution chain, employees commuting, business travel and waste disposal (Scope 3).

And since most companies with carbon offset programs usually offset only Scope 1, Onestopdp is way ahead of the game!

Onestopdp ‘ printing presses are digital, and therefore waterless, saving thousands of gallons of water per year. In fact, none of our production processes use water as a consumable material. And since our presses do not use hazardous inks, we’ve reduced the chemicals impacting the environment.

Our facilities are even cleaned with Stabilized Aqueous Ozone, a chemical-free cleaning agent. It helps protect our employees and Minnesota’s environment by preventing harsh chemicals from entering our 10,000 lakes, rivers and waterways.

We also donate to Printing Industry Midwest’s annual surplus-paper drive, giving pallets of leftover paper to local school teachers for their print and art programs.

Throughout our production area, every station is equipped with various recycling and/or disposal bins. When suppliers send us production materials, the packaging (i.e. cardboard boxes, pallets) gets sorted and repurposed or recycled through our waste partners. Scrap paper, cardboard, plastic and styrene are also carefully sorted and recycled.

Our box crusher compacts waste boxes to create more density, which ensures they can be handled efficiently as they make their way to be recycled (using less fuel, emissions and labor during transport).

We even leverage software that maximizes the principle area on press sheets, thus using as many square inches as possible to reduce waste. And any materials that cannot be recycled (think laminated paper, plastic tubes, ink canisters, foam core, waxy paper and tape) are often used for energy recovery.

Show that you print responsibly. Add our complimentary “Onestopdp, Carbon Neutral Printing” graphic to your next project. 

Our facilities feature motion detection lights that automatically turn off in areas that aren’t in active use, while our electrical consumption is lowered through high-efficiency lighting, controls and HVAC retrofits. And we undergo annual comprehensive energy audits to look for energy-saving project opportunities.

We’ve made investments in equipment to specifically reduce our carbon footprint: our HP presses were made with recycled materials and recyclable parts. They were even manufactured CO2-neutral.

We also give our employees a reusable silverware set to prevent single-use plastic from entering our waste stream. Moreover, we’ve removed all plastic bottles from our facilities’ vending machines.

More and more of our clients are requesting “green” material options for their online printing needs. We’re constantly seeking the latest environmentally-conscious technology and materials, while sourcing products through suppliers who focus on sustainability whenever possible. Learn more about our sustainable products and eco-friendly substrates.

To help our clients reduce their carbon footprint, we offer recycled paper and reused material options. When choosing your print substrate, look for eco-friendly options like recycled paper, plant-based materials and sustainably-managed materials. To learn about our substrates, click the “More Information” icon by the Stock choices on product pages. If you don’t see a green option you’d like, contact us for a Custom Quote and we’ll try to accommodate your needs!

Onestopdp has developed a Sustainable Procurement Program that ensures we source our products from businesses that reflect our moral and ethical values. We aim to continually improve the sustainability level of our supply chain by incorporating environmental and social principles into our purchasing program.

The program provides our suppliers with a sustainability scorecard and tools for benchmarking to improve their sustainability practices. We believe this methodology increases transparency, encourages collaboration and facilitates ongoing improvement. 


Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR is a priority for onestopdp and our parent company, The Bernard Group. Spearheaded by our leadership team and backed by employees who care, it’s something baked into the very fabric of our day-to-day operations. Check out this video for a behind-the-scenes look at our comprehensive approach. 

We believe we’re inherently hardwired to work for something bigger than ourselves. We’re committed to creating positive social change by partnering with these local charities and national organizations. 

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