Soap Opera: How Print Catalogs Tell Pacha Soap Co.’s Story

Developing a product catalog strategy can be a messy business. But find the right one, and it’s lather, rinse, repeat. With an of-the-moment mission and seriously satisfying imagery. See how they pair print catalogs with other print assets to create a marketing clean sweep.


Aromatic Artistry

Founded in 2011, Pacha Soap Co. was born out of an experience co-founder Andrew Vrbas had on vacation in Peru. After seeing a need for better sanitation, along with education and economic opportunities, Vrbas’ solution was a clean one – literally.

“We want our catalogs to appear professional and clean,” she said. “Saddle stitch helps convey that,” along with the coated gloss – white 80# cover stock and 80# text stock for the interior pages. 

Over a decade later, Pacha Soap Co. is still innovating and inspiring as the brand concocts irresistible products while challenging the notion of what an ethical business is and does. To help with the first part, they’ve turned typical product catalogs into a feast for the senses – the imagery practically Instagrams itself. 

And while their online presence is an enviable one (trust us, you’ll want to Like every post), Pacha Soap Co. knows a physical catalog is an invaluable marketing workhorse.  

Raising the bar on print catalogs was, like so many of the company’s endeavors, a purposeful tactic and a creative priority to “ensure our brand is reflected in the design. We try to make things vibrant and fun with a touch of handcrafted-ness,” said Design Manager Hannah Adams. 

“We sell a majority of our products to retailers, so it’s important to have a physical catalog available for moments where our sales team encounters a new connection in-person,” said Adams.

Choosing onestopdp for their catalog printing was another one of those purposeful tactics. With premium paper stocks and finishes that highlight all of the sudsy selections and product specs, Adams and the team were able to convey the right message.

“It’s important to have a physical catalog available for moments where our sales team encounters a new connection in-person.”


Clean Connections

With naturally-derived ingredients and transparent supply chains that support local economies, Pacha Soap Co. definitely lives up to its “Made Good. Feel Good. Do Good.” motto. All three values are on display in their annual report (yep, their print plan goes beyond custom catalogs).

“We believe it’s important to reflect on and celebrate our work,” said Adams. “The annual report summarizes a ton of work that happens throughout the company, from our mission, to operations, to events we attend. It’s also a great way for our consumers and external partners to learn more about us.”

With onestopdp’ business printing services, they were able to put a spotlight on the “Do Good.” part in particular. Opting for the same paper stock and paper weight as their print catalogs (if it ain’t broke, right?), their annual report fits right in with their cohesive branding while providing essential information.

The custom options in onestopdp’ online print shop let Adams design a layout so effective, you’d think you were flipping through one of their catalogs. Each page features enticing imagery and strategically-sized text that’s easy to digest (and makes partners more likely to invest).

The Right Ingredients

Pacha Soap Co. is more than bars of soap, so naturally, their print marketing is more than print catalogs. Custom printing with Onestopdp lets the brand cover it all. Or in the case of their blend tags, uncover it all. 

Along with a trade show postcard that included a brand statement and social shoutouts, Pacha Soap Co.’s marketing suite was complete with package inserts of the laser die-cut variety.

“Our bar soaps are sometimes sold ‘naked,’ meaning no sticker,” said Adams of the in-store assets. “The blend tags call out the product name, key ingredient and ingredient lists, so when a consumer is shopping our product on a bulk table, they see all of the important information.” 

Proving once again that a card is so much more than the greeting kind, Adams turned hers into note cards with a fluid, wave-like design along the top. 

Created by customizing onestopdp’ cards, Adams also took advantage of our Versions feature, which allowed her to print multiple blend tags with various content at the same time. From Spearmint Lemongrass to Dirty Hippie, all of their bars were accounted for in one simple order.

“We use them to write notes to customers,” she said. “They’re a standard note card that can be used as a thank you card or a simple letter card. We love die-cut anything!” It’s a personal touch that any brand can benefit from.

A Fresh Finish

After a campaign is complete, the tendency can be to wash your hands of it and move on. But when it’s as effective as Pacha Soap Co.’s is, we wouldn’t mind a little dirt on our hands.

“Printed materials add a nice touch to any event, gift or communication. We [even] use print materials for in-store signage when we physically can’t be there to tell our story,” said Adams. “We believe they say, ‘Hey, look, we’ve put in extra effort to create something for you.’”

With their captivating print catalogs and marketing assets, the effort is clear.

“Printed materials add a nice touch to any event, gift or communication.”


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