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Vector (sharp lines)

Large format file setup for online printing can seem daunting, but with a little know-how and a few tips and tricks, you can print banners, canvases, posters and more quickly and easily.

Because you’re working at a much larger scale, the minimal DPI is closer to 150 DPI. Small format print items have a minimum of 300 DPI, since you generally view it from farther away. 

Large Format File Setup

Large Posters

Create Large Posters the same way you would small format print items. Be sure to use the final file size and check your image resolutions carefully before uploading it for an online printer.

Window Graphics

Status Window Clings and Window Decals are also similar to a smaller cling. If you are going to use white ink, it’s helpful to create a separate document or layer that shows where the white ink will be. For online printing, it is generally preferred to show your white ink with a color.

For example, you could use 100% magenta, which would be easy to see and pick out during the prepress process. The white ink is typically converted into a spot color specific to the press. 

Hanging Banners

For Hanging Banners, your large format file setup will include choosing installation options like grommets, pole pockets and stitched hems. Be sure to leave at least a few inches of space along the edges to accommodate the hanging hardware. For banners larger than 200”, you’ll want to set them up at 50% of the final size.

When ordering, select the final size that you want and make a note about the file. If you set the file up at 50%, the DPI will need to be halved, too. For example, 300 DPI will be 150 DPI.

Step and Repeat Banners

For Step and Repeat Banners, your large format file setup with again include choosing installation options and follow the same guidelines as Hanging Banners. These banners usually showcase the logos of one or more brands.

When choosing this format, the DPI of the logo is the most important thing to look out for since it will likely be enlarged. In this case, vector images work best. 

Retractable Banners

A pre-designed template is the easiest way to set up a Retractable Banner. We provide these templates and more online printing services under Project Resources on the product page.

Then simply upload your templated file using the guidelines. Remember to turn off or delete all the guidelines before submitting your artwork. 

Feather Flags

Feather Flags are an exciting way to promote your business, as the printing is done directly on the fabric. A pre-designed template is the easiest way to do you large format file setup (find PDF templates under Project Resources on the product page).

To figure out which size works best for you, choose one that accommodates your design and allows plenty of space around the edges. Remember to turn off or delete all the guidelines before submitting your artwork.

Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints decorate any space with photography and graphic images. When setting up your large prints online, keep in mind the canvas will wrap around the sides. Because of this, you’ll want to choose a wrap depth that allows enough space for the edges to wrap around the frame without disrupting your final look.

If you don’t have enough space around the edges, you can choose a white or black edge. With this option, your final trim size will include the front only and not the wrapped portion.

If you have questions about large format file setup or printing any of our products, please contact customer service. 


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