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Business cards are an important means of communication, especially when it comes to making first impressions. They offer insight into your company and brand, as well as personal contact information for prospective vendors and clients. With business card printing, you want something that will get noticed and stay top of mind.

With onestopdp’ online printing services, there are so many ways to make your business card stand out and leave that lasting impression. Consider your options, from the size to design, before making your final decision.  

Paper Weight

120# stock is the minimum weight we recommend for any business card. If you like a lighter stock, you may want to mount your business card onto a thicker stock for a more substantial feel.

For example, if you choose an 80# or 100# stock, we suggest mounting it on a 24pt cover stock. If you’d like to mount your business cards, please contact us via Custom Quote.  

Paper Stock

The type of paper stock can say a lot about your organization. We offer both uncoated stocks and coated ones like gloss or matte. When choosing a stock for online printing, it’s important to note UV coating and lamination can only be added to coated paper stocks.   

Business Card Printing Finishes

There are numerous types of finishes you can add to your business card to make it stand out from the rest. Here are some of the most popular types of finishes: 

Aqueous Coating

  • A water-based protective coating that’s cheaper than UV but more suited for offset printing. 

UV Coating

A resilient coating that comes in matte and gloss finishes. It offers better protection that aqueous and the gloss option gives it a shine you can see and feel.


Another resilient coating where a protective film is heated and/or pressed on the top and/or bottom of your printed sheets.
It offers the advantage of being used on most types of paper and synthetic stocks. It’s offered in gloss, matte and Soft Touch finishes. 

  • This of a die as a cookie cutter. Generally used on orders with large quantities, it’s a metal stamp shaped however you want but with some limitations. If you want to cut out a crescent moon in the middle of your business card, die cutting is the way to go.
  • There is a 2-3 business day lead time to create the die, and while more expensive than other finishes, gives you the cleanest cut in the design of your choice.

Motion Cutting

  • Similar to die cutting, motion cutting uses laser beams to cut out custom shapes instead of metal. Also less expensive than die cutting, it’s generally used on orders with smaller quantities.
  • A potential drawback to motion cutting is that the laser can leave light brown burn marks. However, you can do a lot more intricate cuts with motion cutting and use it to engrave wood and acrylic. 

Foil Stamping

  • Also referred to as ‘hot stamping’. Foil is pressed onto the sheet with a die using heat and pressure that causes it to bond with the paper. 


  • Similar to foil stamping, but less expensive and quicker because you don’t need to create a die. Digital sleeking must be paired with Soft Touch lamination in order for the foil to stick to the sheet.
  • Typically used on orders with smaller quantities, sleeking allows for the sheets to be run through a digital press a second time for additional printing.
  • This type of finish is offered in metallic colors for an unmissable look on our Foil Business Cards.

Using an online printer like onestopdp means you get to design and print your business cards with truly unique finishing options. Check out our Business Card Printing FAQ and get started today! 

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