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Have a question about collated printing? Check out these collated printing FAQ and learn when to collate your project, about slip sheeting, playing card recommendations and more. 

When should I use collated printing?

Collated printing is ideal for any project that has sets of pages you’d like printed in a specific order. Some examples are marketing information packets, instruction manuals, flashcards, event and wedding table cards, custom playing cards, tarot and oracle cards, recipe cards, trivia cards and devotional decks. Learn more: Collated vs. Uncollated 

Can you do reverse collating?

Yes. Reverse collating is when your project is printed backwards, with the last page first. If you’d like reverse collating for your online printing project, just upload your print-ready file in reverse order. This ensures the proof will match your file. Learn more: Print-Ready Files 

When should I add drill holes?

Drill holes allow you to easily add your collated sets to three-ring binders, which is convenient for projects like training manuals and marketing and informational packets. A single drill hole also comes in handy for adding flashcards to a binder ring.

Do you do slip sheeting?

Yes. Slip sheeting is when a piece of blank paper is placed between each collated set, making it easy to see where one ends and the next begins. You can request slip sheeting via Custom Quote.

Is each collated set stapled?

If you’d like your sets stapled, just use the Corner Stapling dropdown on the product page. If you don’t choose stapling, you can bundle your sets with another one of our online printing services, shrink wrapping. If you choose neither, your sets will be shipped unseparated. 

Do collated sets come secured with belly bands? If not, can I order belly bands?

Collated printing sets do not come with belly bands. If you’d like them, you can request belly bands via Custom Quote.

Do you print packaging or tuck boxes for your collated sets?

Yes. As a premium online printer, we can print packaging and tuck boxes via Custom Quote. 

Will I be able to proof my collated printing job?

Yes. A digital PDF soft proof will be available for your review within one business day after we receive your file upload. You’ll be able to review the project’s content, format and more and make any changes before it’s printed. Learn more: Proofs 

What is the recommended stock and weight for playing cards?

We recommend coated stocks for playing cards, like coated matte or coated gloss. For weight, we recommend 80# or 100# cover. Learn more: Small Format Stocks, Text Weight vs. Cover Weight

Note: We do not recommend adding Soft Touch laminate to playing cards, as its tactile nature can make shuffling difficult. Learn more: Soft Touch Laminate 

What are the recommended round cornering dimensions for standard playing cards?

The standard round corner for playing cards is 1/8″. Onestopdp offers 1/4″ and 3/8″, but if you’d like 1/8″, you can request it via Custom Quote. 

If you have questions about these collated printing FAQ or other printing services, please contact customer service.

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