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Installing your window clings doesn’t need to be difficult. Once you’ve created your design for online printing and received it, simply follow our instructions for how to install window clings hassle-free:

Before You Begin

Before you begin, we recommend that you install your cling in temperatures between 40-90°F for optimal adhesion. You might want to consider hiring a professional installer if your cling is larger than 18” x 24”, or if it has a complex design, overlap or is tiled.

Not all of these tools are necessary. What you need may vary, depending on the install method you choose and the level of difficulty.

  • A tape measure or measuring tool
  • A glass or multi-surface cleaner
  • A lint-free cloth
  • Masking tape or painter’s tape
  • Application fluid (this can be made with a spray bottle of water and a couple drops of dish soap)
  • A hand applicator or credit card
  • A rubber roller (this one’s optional)
  • A safety pin

Prep Your Surface

Use a multi-purpose cleaner to thoroughly clean the window, ensuring it’s free of dirt, dust, grease or other debris that may affect the adhesion process. We recommend doing a final wipe down with water and a lint-free cloth. 

Apply Your Cling

Step 1

Find the center of your cling on the window. Once you do, mark where the top of your cling will be with tape.

Step 2

Peel back the liner from your cling. Spray the window and your cling with applicator fluid, misting each with a couple of sprays (Hint: Less is more!), and set your cling back to your tape marks.

Step 3

With the top edge of the cling in place, use a hand applicator or credit card to smooth the top edge down and out from the center. We recommend placing a piece of masking or painter’s tape along the edge of your applicator to minimize the risk of scratching the cling.

Step 4

Use a rubber roller (if you have one) to press out any air bubbles. This will create a better seal to the surface. If air bubbles persist, use a pin and poke a hole in any that stand out to release the air. If there are too many bubbles, you may have to peel back your cling and do the smoothing process again. 

Wipe away any water residue from the smoothing process.

Allow 24 hours for your cling to dry out and adhere completely.

If you have any additional questions about how to install window clings or any of Onestopdp’ online printing services, please contact customer service.


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