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With variable data printing (VDP), you can design online printing projects with personalization like recipient’s name, customer ID, member rewards number and more. Part of our premium online printing services, it’s ideal for both business needs and personal projects.

This feature is available on many of Onestopdp’ products so you can add personal details tailored to specific customers or for a specific topic like:

  • Business Cards
  • Postcards
  • Invitations
  • Greeting Cards
  • Direct Mail Services
  • Custom booklets
  • Brochure Menus
  • And more!

Variable Data Printing Design Ideas

  • Feature recipient’s name for personalized messaging
  • Feature personalized URL for recipient relevancy and tracking
  • Vary your offer by recipient
  • Add a QR code (we can generate these for you, too)
  • Feature contact information relevant to the area
  • Preprint response cards so customers have less to fill out
  • Target customers based on past purchases 
  • Check character length and reduce font size to accommodate text
  • Send us the font used in the variable data printing area to ensure your order gets to press quickly
  • Send separate files:
  • Use a spreadsheet template for your personalization data
  • Please provide data files in the recommended format for online printing or let us do your file prep for you (with additional fees).
  • Onestopdp also offers a Versions feature on many products, which lets you print various designs with the same size, stock and finish.
  • You can use both Versions and VDP on many of the same products to save you time and energy, while staying on-budget.  

Learn more: Variable Data Printing: How to Personalize Your Marketing  


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