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When it comes to online printing, the black or full-color printing makes all the difference. Whether your goal is to boost engagement with vibrant brochures or you’re sending invitations for a gala event, we can help you create a presentation that’s the most effective for any occasion.

As you design your print-ready files with our online printing services, check out a few basics of and common questions about black ink and full-color ink. 

Black Ink


  • Single black ink channel
  • Can create high-quality grayscale images
  • Much quicker to print
  • Less expensive than full-color printing


  • Only one color is applied to the material as a single impression
  • Every sheet has only one impression per side of the print
  • Can be applied to any paper stock and weight 

Full-Color Printing


  • Wide range of colors
  • Slower to print
  • More expensive than black ink printing


  • Each color is applied individually to the material as a single impression
  • Every sheet has four impressions per side of the print
  • Can be applied to any paper stock and weight

Common Questions

If there are color artifacts or marks made with registration black in my file, will one side or my entire job print in black-only? Will I be charged for color clicks?

Yes, Onestopdp forces the art to black-only for any surface which has been ordered with only black ink. There are no additional charges for color clicks.

If an imposition (a prepress process of positioning pages or artwork on press sheets to be printed and finished properly) contains a black-and-color page on the same side, will I be charged for the color sheet?

No, Onestopdp covers the cost of the color sheet, no matter the amount of color on that sheet.

Does Onestopdp offer black-only pricing?

Yes, many products offer a black-only option. Just select “Black Only” in the dropdown on the product page.

As a premium online printer, Onestopdp can accommodate nearly any project you can dream up. If you have questions about black and full-color printing, please contact customer service.

Hint: Learn more about designing with color: Color Psychology: How to Use It for Marketing & Sales 

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