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Have a question about custom Feather Flags? Check out these feather flag printing FAQ and learn about flag types, material, hardware and more. 

What types of flags are available?

Our custom feather flags are available for online printing in three different shapes: Razor, Sabre and Teardrop. These indoor and outdoor banners can be printed in a variety of predetermined sizes from 6’L to 17’L. 

What material is available?

We offer feather flag printing on 4 oz. soft flag fabric. This premium, durable, high-performance flag material is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Learn more: Banner Materials & Sign Substrates 

Can you print double-sided feather flag banners?

Yes, we offer both one-sided and two-sided feather flags. Both types are printed via dye sublimation printing, which offers vibrant color and advanced durability. Our double-sided flags feature a blackout liner that ensures your content and designs are clearly visible on both sides. Learn more: Dye Sublimation Printing 

Does my flag come with a pole and base? A carrying case?

Feather flags do not automatically come with a pole and base. However, you can easily add that hardware to your order using the Flag Pole and Flag Base dropdowns on the product page. You can choose the pole that corresponds with the size of your flag and one of four different bases.

A soft-sided carrying case is included for easy transport to and from events and locations. Learn more: Feather Flag Bases 

Can I use my flag outside?

Yes. As a premium online printer, we ensure all of our feather flags are compatible with indoor and outdoor use. Our flags are weather-resistant and durable enough to handle heavy wind without shredding, plus they feature fade protection technology to keep your message vibrant.   

Are feather flags machine-washable?

To clean your feather flag, please follow these care instructions:

  • Install in open areas away from wires, trees and buildings
  • Move indoors during bad weather for longevity
  • Hand wash and air dry. Steam, if needed. Do not dry clean. 

Are these flags compatible with water ballasts?

Yes. You can add a square water ballast to your order using the Water Ballast dropdown on the product page.  

Can I create multiple flags in the same order?

Yes. With our Versions feature, you can print various designs to differ content on multiple flags (showcasing products and services or denoting business locations). Our online printing services require your flags to be the same size, but your designs and content can change as much as you like. Learn more: Versions

If you have questions about any of these feather flag printing FAQ or other printing services, please contact customer service.

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