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Custom foil printing takes stationery to the next shining level. Truly setting any communication apart, online printing with foil grabs attention and leaves a lasting impression with a little luxury on every letter.

From holographic business cards to greeting cards with glints of gold accents or invitations dressed in sophisticated silver, foil printing adds magic to your message. 

What is Foil Printing?

Foil embellishes your printed piece with a touch of elegant bling. Unlike foil stamping, our digital Sleeking™ process ensures the foil fuses to the ink and not the paper. The result of this heated lamination? Foil that beams and glitters more than simple metallic ink.

Our digital Sleeking process also allows for creative flexibility. Since Sleeking doesn’t rely on bulky metal dies like foil stamping, it can accommodate fine, precise detail and complex designs.

Part of our wide range of online printing services, foil printing is available in gold, rose gold, silver or holographic, plus clear spot gloss that shows the color that’s printed underneath it.  

Foil Products

You can start wowing recipients and making memorable first impressions with these foil products:

  • Foil Bookmarks
  • Foil Brochures
  • Foil Business Cards
  • Foil Cards
  • Foil Greeting Cards
  • Foil Invitations
  • Foil Perfect Bound Booklets
  • Foil Postcards
  • Foil Wedding Invitations

They all come finished with Soft Touch laminate that creates an unmistakable suede-like feel and offers protection against wear and tear.  

As a premium online printer, we make it easy for you to add foil to other products, too. With our Custom Quote feature, you can request gold foil printing on announcements, silver foil printing on save the date cards and many other products.

Print-Ready Files & Foil

When you’re preparing your print-ready files to place your order, you’ll want to make it clear where you’d like the foil to go on your project. To specify foil on your artwork:

  • Add foil layers to your file (See how: How to Add Foil)
  • Or provide instructions with your order

When saving your PDF, it’s best to include layers and vector graphics for the areas that require foil. If you’re unsure how to do this, please contact customer service and our print experts will be happy to help. 

  • Foil pairs best with paper stocks that are coated. We recommend our coated matte, coated gloss or coated
  • semigloss 2 sides (C2S).
  • Avoid uncoated and textured stocks, as well as text weight stocks.
  • When designing with foil, try to avoid very thin lines or small fonts.
  • Any foil color can be combined with black or full-color ink for a design with complexity and depth.
  • Use foil as an accent on scripted fonts and other text content.
  • Try a full flood of foil in the negative space of your design for captivating contrast.
  • Foil can be added to only one side of cards and invitations, however if you add a fold, foil can be added to the front and back (but not the interior).  

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