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Find yourself making a lot of repeat orders? Wondering if there’s an easier way to do it? There is: Onestopdp’ My Products templates. These print templates let you convert your print file into an editable template and create and print different versions from one design.

And the best part? Your templates are saved in your account in the My Products tab and available whenever you’re ready to order.

What are My Products Templates?

Think of these templates as a mini Storefront within Onestopdp that’s just for your business. One of our most convenient online printing services, these templates are ideal for products and marketing assets you’ll need to order repeatedly. 

Once you design your products for online printing, the templates can be shared across your team to ensure brand standards are maintained. They even store your artwork and variable data to make ordering a breeze.

Where to Find My Products Templates

You can find My Products templates in three simple steps:

  • Log in to your Onestopdp account. (Not registered? Do it here!)
  • Find the My Products tab in the left-hand navigation.
  • Create your first template or select the ones you’ve already created.

What Products are Applicable?

You can create templates for just about any Onestopdp product, from unique business cards and postcards to custom banners and signs. And they’re not just for marketing assets – promotional items like apparel, drinkware, stationery, bags and blankets are included, too!

A versatile print feature, My Products templates work for both variable data and one-off projects, plus print and ship fulfillment on-demand. 

Benefits of My Products Templates

  • You get to skip the proofing process because you already proofed your initial design.
  • They’re the most efficient option for designs you need to order again and again.
  • Your artwork is stored – there’s no need to find your files and re-upload them.
  • They expedite the reorder process and streamline your workflow.
  • Multiple teams in various locations can access the same materials.
  • You can move these templates to a Storefront as your business grows.

Who Should Use These Templates?

Anyone! My Products templates are perfect for anyone who needs to order products multiple times. Whether you’re a small business, realtor, wholesaler, artist, nonprofit or in any number of other industries, templates are a great way to save you time.

Keep in mind that templates work really well for companies and businesses with around 10-20 users and you can have a shared centralized account or we can assign products to individual users. 

Use the following tips and tricks to get the most out of your templates: 

  • To create your first template, log in to your account, navigate to the My Products section and find the Create New Product tile. Our variable template team will then work with you and you can review and test the functionality of your template.
  • Have items you reorder weekly or monthly? Use templates for them to save time and money.
  • Those assets you need to share across multiple teams and people? Templates allow you to provide them with brand standards intact.

As a customer-focused online printer, we’re available to answer questions about this or any other print projects. Just contact customer service to chat with our team of experts.

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