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Shrink wrapping is a convenient online printing service that comes in handy for marketing materials, retail products and even gift-giving.

Whether you work with an online printer to create bundles of brochures and booklets or personalize your own playing cards and greeting cards, shrink wrapping not only ensures your items are organized, but also protects them until you’re ready to use them. 

Shrink Wrapping Benefits

  • Plastic film protects your products and helps preserve the quality of the paper over long periods of time or through excessive handling.


  • A thin plastic bag is sealed around the product bundle.
  • The bundle passes through a heat tunnel that shrinks the bag and ensures a form-fit.
  • Shrink wrapping can be applied to any paper stock and paper weight.
  • Product bundles can not exceed 4”H x 11”W x 17”L.


  • Perfect for product bundles you’ll need to hang onto for long periods of time, like brochures or business cards you hand out at trade shows and events through the year.
  • Retail or wholesale businesses with products that come in sets, like custom cards and bookmarks.
  • Branded office supplies to be used over time, like notepads, business envelopes and pocket folders.


  • Add this slim cardboard to thin products like calendars or single posters.
  • It creates rigidity and gives the products a more professional feel.

Shrink Wrap by Quantity

  • Order shrink wrapping by quantity of pieces per bundle.
  • This gives you control of how many bundles you’ll get for your specific need.
  • For example:
    *If you order 1,000 brochures for a trade show, shrink wrap 100 brochures per bundle.
    *You’ll then have 10 bundles you can use for that event and events in the future.

Poly Bags

  • Another option for protecting products.
  • Bags tend to be more durable but don’t form-fit like shrink wrapping.
  • Can be used more than once and usually come with a resealable opening for that purpose. 

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